Dieselpunk — A great blog for airship enthusiasts

One of my favorite blogs is Dieselpunk, which celebrates the aesthetics and iconography of the Machine Age.  Dieselpunk often features images of the classic aircraft of the period, including airships and flying boats, and I thought readers of Airships.net might be interested in paying them a visit.

While fans of the Steampunk genre often invoke the airship, airships are actually a product of the internal-combustion era of Dieselpunk.

Passengers Boarding R101

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I have a small scale model of the R 34 1919. My step dad came from Ellis Island from Keighly, England. He has passed away. I have no info on this replica. I was hoping someone could direct me to someone who could give me some information on this.

Jimmy Sperling

Hello. I am on the R & D staff of Clash of Arms games. I do historical and technical research on ships and aircraft of the early 20th century (specifically 1925 – 1960) and am currently writing up the famous zeppelins of the 1920s and 1930s. My latest additions were the British R.100 and R.101. I can use all the technical data I can get.

Jimmy Sperling


Ah, how about “Lightpunk”?
A alternative future in which concentrated light from lightweight Fresnel lenses is used to make steam to power an engine? With modern tech (Fiber optics, super insulators) you could put almost all the heat gathered directly into creating the steam!

david helms

i am trying to get in touch with anyone who may have first -hand knowledge about the airship, shenandoah. thanks for assistance.

Karen G

Ah, but a steam-powered airship is possible. It’s fictional alternative history, after all. But steam or diesel, I gotta love those airships.