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Dagmara Lizlovs


Have a blessed Pascha today.

Milan Zivancevic

Spasibo ogromnoe! Hristos voskrese – voistinu voskrese!

Milan Zivancevic

Palm Sunday over here, but wishing a Happy Easter to all who celebrate today.

Thanks for the interesing post, Dagmara!

Dagmara Lizlovs

You’re welcome, Milan.

What country are you in? Have a blessed Holy Week!

Milan Zivancevic

Thanks a lot! I’m in Serbia. Kind regards.

Dagmara Lizlovs
Dan: PriecÄ«gas Lieldienas (Latvian for Happy Easter) to you too. Here are some Latvian traditions for Easter that I grew up with: Palm Sunday (Pussy Willow Sunday in Latvia) – waking up being swatted with pussy willows while family members recite “Apaļš ka pÅ«pols” – “Round like a pussy willow” Easter eggs dyed with onion sins. Many years ago my family would in addition to the usual egg coloring, would wrap eggs in onion skins and boil them. Here is a link to show you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BoB5XMayNo Then before we ate the eggs we’d have an egg knocking contest. We… Read more »