Great film of LZ-130 at low level

A great film of LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin at low level.  I still can’t get over what it must have been like to see one of these ships close-up:

My thanks to the ever-enthusiastic Milan Zivancevic for letting me know about this video.

You’re the best, Milan!


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Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans

How much do you think it did cost to build and furnish a huge airship like that?

George Timcke
George Timcke

What a sinister-looking child in the opening seconds! Why were he and the other children looking away from the ship? Great addition to a great website, however. Many thanks to Milan and, as ever, to you, Dan.

Milan Zivancevic
Milan Zivancevic

My guess is that the footage was taken by the father of the boy, as in pretty much every shot you have the kid in front of the zepp.


I seem to recall reading somewhere that LZ 130 did get some time in helping with some radar and other research projects in development, for Luftwaffe, and so forth. But don’t now how correct that is. Seems like the airship would’ve been extremely useful for parachute training/classes, sailplane training/classes/launches, and such. I guess aluminum was in short supply and big demand.
Just such a magnificent craft! -All of them! Sad a this wonderful and fascinating industry can be so negatively stigmatized so effectively. Thanks for making this film available!

James Birke
James Birke

Just a little point of accuracy. The Graf Zeppelin was LZ-127 christened 7/8/28. LZ-128 was to be a ship larger then the Graf but, after the disaster of the British R-101, It was never built. The next in line was LZ-129 Hindenburg (first flight 3/4/1936). LZ-130 was being built at the time of the Hindenburg disaster and was christened “Graf Zeppelin II” on 11/4/38. It was only flown around Germany as a Nazi propaganda instrument. In the spring of 1940 both the LZ-127 and the LZ-130 were broken up for their aluminum to be used for aircraft production thus ending… Read more »

Thomas Kuenzl

Hi! I am Thomas Kuenzl from Germany. I manage the archive of the City of Bad Neustadt (Germany). We post the movie of LZ 130 last week. For more information feel free to contact me 🙂

Milan Zivancevic
Milan Zivancevic

Thank you so much for posting that rare video, mr. Kuenzl. As you can see, it was pretty quickly discovered. 😉

Samuel Fitch

This looks like the airship that I saw over Stuttgart, Arkansas in 1938. I was a small child but it was such an impressive sight that I still remember it pretty well. I remember that the four redial engines were exposed with no covering. I was too young to know that they were called redial engines, but since I have studied aircraft for most of my life, I learned that later (I am a private pilot). It looks very like the one that I saw, but I don’t remember any German markings on the airship. I wish that someone could… Read more »

Peter Abresch

You mentioned you wondered what it was like to see one of these guys in the air, actually close up, well, I can’t help you with close up, but I do remember seeing the Hindenburg flying over New York heading out to sea. I was a wee lad at the time so you have to bear that in mind. Also I’m assuming it was in 1936 and heading to Germany if it was heading out to sea, and since it was a clear sunny day when I was playing in a field, it was unlikely it was part of its… Read more »

John M. Mellberg
John M. Mellberg

What a great surprise to see these wonderful images of the D-LZ 130. Considering the age of the film, the images appear to be 1st generation or close to in quality. After all these years since then, this find is encouraging, suggesting that there’s more out there, still awaiting discovery? Truly a marvel of all time. Thank you for sharing this treasured piece of aviation history for all to enjoy, -John

M. L. Hopp

Oh wow! Now that is just incredible. Gorgeous ship. Even on video, I was completely overtaken with awe. Thank you both so much for sharing this.