Happy Valentine’s Day from Airships.net

Valentine Airship Dirigible

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Dagmara Lizlovs


I forgot to add: I like your card! Especially the words on it.

Dagmara Lizlovs
For those of you out there who find Valentine’s day a bit much, overhyped, depressing because you just broke up, haven’t found that special some one or simply are that nerd that just doesn’t get the dates, here is an alternative: Today is also Saint Methodius and Saint Cyril’s day. These are the missionaries to the Slavs in the late 800s. They are credited with inventing the Glagolithic and Cyrillic alphabet for the Slavs (That’s were all the funny letters in the Russian alphabet come from.) Their work heavily influenced the development of Slavic culture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saints_Cyril_and_Methodius For those enjoying Saint… Read more »