Heading to Cardington

I am flying to the UK this weekend in connection with several projects, including a documentary film, and I am looking forward to my visit to Cardington to meet with several people from the wonderful Airship Heritage Trust which has done such great work on the history of British airships.

Of course I am also looking forward to seeing the famous Cardington airship sheds.  So far the owner of Shed 1 is reluctant to allow us inside the building because it is undergoing a major renovation, but perhaps they will change their minds and allow us just a peek.  I am happy to wear a hardhat and just poke my nose in the door.   🙂

Trevor Monk has kindly agreed to be my guide and I am very much looking forward to the visit.  And I will also get a chance to see a number of good friends in London while I am in the UK.

The Airship Sheds at Cardington
(Photo credit: G1MFG)

New Television Documentary in June

On an unrelated subject I am featured in a new television documentary about the Hindenburg that will be broadcast in the USA for the first time in June.  I just saw the final cut and it looks great, and I will be able to publish details and a trailer in a few weeks.

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M L Hopp

Oh exciting!

I look forward to whatever you share with us, as your travels prove endlessly fascinating. As for the documentary, I cannot express the sheer excitement I have for it. While there are many books, essays, and indeed filmed media about LZ 129, I never tire of seeing new things on that silver colossus. About my only real regret is the fact that (outside of the interest circle of such things) many of the other great airships get a lesser amount of coverage.

If memory serves, doesn’t Shed 1 serve as a film production stage?

Francisco Carvallo

I believe shed 2 is the actual sound stage (used in one of the new Batman movies?) Shed one is the one that is currently being renovated.

Milan Zivancevic

“… in connection with several projects… ”

1) R100?

2) R101?