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10 Comments on "Hindenburg Ad for Mercedes-Benz 540K Roadster"

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Ed Regis

How about a few of the Schütte-Lanz airships, whose frames were made out of plywood, and whose shape was determined by aerodynamic, streamlined forms at a time (1909-1911) when zeppelins were still cigar-shaped, based on ease of construction and the low cost of using repetitive structures, even to the detriment of airflow and aerodynamic efficiency.

Hendrick Stoops

Lovely photograph. What really amazes me is the sheer quality and clarity of the image.

Hendrick Stoops

Just noticed the “mini-questionnaire” at the top. I really like the idea (It’s kinda’ like what I try to do though, needless to say, I’m sure you’ll do a much better job at it!)

Might you post the fantastic time-lapse photo of the R-100 on the mast in Canada? Or perhaps the shot taken from the nose of the R-101 as it was pulled down to the Cardington mast?

M L Hopp

Now thats a classy image!


If you’ve got the time to post images and news items, I’ve certainly got the time and the interest to read your blog! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this excellent website.

Johan Kruizinga

Nice one Dan! Deviant art has some good and interesting artists who make some airship related pieces sometimes. Check it out! http://www.deviantart.com

M L Hopp

Funny you bring that up…

These be mine:


I like it, so long as the swastika isn’t visible.


Yes please!


Sounds like a terrific idea! I love the Mercedes image above, so redolent of the era.