Hindenburg at the Olympics

LZ-129 Hindenburg at the 1936 Berlin Olympic games.

LZ-129 Hindenburg at 1936 Berlin Olympics

Hindenburg airship at 1936 Berlin Olympics

LZ-129 Hindenburg zeppelin at 1936 Berlin Olympics

LZ-129 Hindenburg at 1936 Berlin Olympics

Hindenburg zeppelin mail. Frankfurt to Lakehurst, August 5-11, 1936, mailed from the Olympic Games in Berlin. (Sieger 428C)

And CGI from the film Berlin 36:

LZ-129 Hindenburg at 1936 Berlin Olympics

Of course the political parallels between 1936 and 2014 are chilling.  The IOC of 1936 refused to criticize the policies of the Nazi government and the IOC of 2014 bears similar shame:

International Olympic Committee Will Not Object To Arrests And Beatings Of Russian LGBT Activists.

When will people realize that “neutrality” usually benefits the bad guys?

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Warren Smith

Politics- The bane of existance! Getting around to the Zeppelins, I’ll never forget the sound they made. It was unforgetable. These were the largest sounding boards ever built. And just think about something THAT BIG flying overhead. It was unforgetable! (My theory is the Hindenburg was sabotaged to prevent the airline from moving out from under Nazi control.) Actually the only ones I remember seeing were the USS AKRON and MACON, but they were same size.


Everyone was so worried about security at the Sochi games. Looks like that security worked. The Soviet / Russian security forces are very efficient at controlling dissidence when they want to. They had years of practice and I am sure the old methods proved themselves amply in this instance.


And there is a Charlie Chan film “Charlie Chan At the Olympics” that features a little Hindenburg footage (not, unfortunately at the Games).


Well said, Dan!