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8 Comments on "Hydrogen Balloons Launched in North Carolina"

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R Price

Helium and hydrogen both have the same lift potential . hydrogen ways half as much as helium givving it a big wate advantige

BL , Hudson

Hydrogen Is still our best bet and with the use the new anti static poymers. Should be able to come back, safely and bigger than ever..

Ken Millard

H2 has its benefits, and problems. One problem is that the molecule can migrate through some fabrics that He would not go through.
H2 has about four times the lift of He.
One thought would be: encase an inner H2 balloon within a larger He balloon, or, at least isolate the people and vital flight capabilities from the H2.
Certifications: beats me. Do they even have distinctions between different-lighter-than-air gases?

Bubba Hoggit

Um, four times the lift? Where you gettin’ that from?


Yeah, or some stray static electricity or an “act of God”.

M L Hopp

I ponder how they got the certification to fly with hydrogen. However, I do agree with the principle: Hydrogen will have to be used again for lighter than air craft. Helium, as wonderful a gas as it is, is getting expensive. By and large, hydrogen is the only other choice if LTA is to survive…


Hydrogen? Isn’t that like, suicide?

J. James

Hydrogen isn’t suicide, unless those balloons are expecting a lot of incindiary AA fire…