Lady Grace Drummond-Hay’s 1928 Christmas Card

Lady Grace Hay Drummond-Hay’s 1928 Christmas card.

Lady Grace Drummond-Hay's Christmas Card

Lady Drummond-Hay mailed these cards shortly after her first zeppelin flight in October, 1928, when she a passenger on the first transatlantic flight of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin from Germany to America.

Grace Drummon-Hay and Karl von Wiegand in control car of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin

Grace Drummond-Hay and Karl von Wiegand in control car of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin

A true zeppelin pioneer, Grace Drummond-Hay was also a passenger on Graf Zeppelin’s 1929 Round-the-World flight and Hindenburg’s maiden flight from Germany to the United States in May, 1936.

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Dagmara Lizlovs
I would like to share with everyone some ancient Latvian Christmas music to enjoy over the Holidays. The Latvian word for Christmas is ZiemassvÄ“tki which translates directly in English as Winter Fest. It comes down from the pre Christian celebrations of the winter solstice also known as Saulgrieži literally “the sun’s turning”. Associated with the ancient Latvian celebrations are the “Kaladu” songs. “Kaladu” has no English translation. I have two renditions of one of the better known and more popular “Kaladu” songs – “Sidrabiņa lietiņš lija” (A Silver Rain Fell). The song has its origins in Latvian mythology. Unlike other… Read more »
Dagmara Lizlovs
Dan: Lovely card. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to take this time share these two recipes for the Holidays. I had to do something with the left over kirschwasser from the Pauline Charteris Hindenburg cocktail. Kirschwasser Chocolate Mudslide: 1½ oz heavy whipping cream 1 oz Godiva Chocolate Cream liquor 1 oz Kahlua ¾ oz DeKuyper Kirschwasser 1½ tsp DeKuyper Michigan Cherry 1 cup ice Combine heavy whipping cream, Godiva Chocolate Cream Liquor, Kahlua, DeKuyper’s Kirschwasser and DeKuyper’s Michigan Cherry. Beat until things start to thicken and rise. Do not over beat the mixture or the heavy whipping cream will start… Read more »