In Memoriam: U.S.S. Akron – April 4, 1933

U.S.S. Akron, lost at sea April 4, 1933.

USS Akron Memorial Cover
The crash of U.S.S. Akron was the deadliest airship disaster in history, killing 73 men; there were only three survivors.

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guy pope

i just got interested in this ship after watching the older now series called sir aurtur cionan doyale the lost world many facts arew from the akron also othere ane not close at all too bad i missed this part of history i was born in 1961 i have seen 1 good year blimp up close and fell in love then also

Mike Hodas

Beautiful memorial cover. Are the signatures from the survivors? If this is true this would make this an outstanding perhaps unique cover.

Joe May

Yes, indeed. A wonderful image.