There is NOT a military blimp on the loose

Despite widespread but incorrect reports of a “military blimp” on the loose, the JLENS balloon that broke free from its tether is not a blimp.


A blimp is a powered, steerable lighter-than-air vessel. JLENS is an aerostat; a tethered balloon that is neither powered nor steerable.

Like any other helium balloon, if the string breaks, it just floats away.

The headlines are simply wrong.


Airships, Dirigibles, Zeppelins, & Blimps: What’s the Difference?






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I guess accuracy in news reporting has taken a distant back seat to sensationalism and political opinion. Calling this thing a blimp is like calling a 787 a kite.

Dagmara Lizlovs

Just get enough wind and it will be a kite just like this 747:

Or this 747 in a typhoon:

🙂 🙂

Dagmara Lizlovs

Not the first time this has happened:

Another occasion for juvenile journalism:

Then I overheard one of our younger engineers make a remark about “flammable helium”. . .

J. James

They should use this as an impetus to kill the program once and for all. It has been nothing but a waste of money and an embarrassment for LTA, even though it barely qualifies as such.