Newsreels of U.S.S. Akron (ZRS-4) from British Pathé

The people at British Pathé kindly send us a DM on Twitter (@Airships) about airship newsreels they have posted. We will be sharing them periodically on the blog.

USS Akron ZRS-4

Today’s selection are two films of the U.S. Navy airship ZRS-4 Akron, showing her operation as an airborne aircraft carrier and her tragic crash.

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Sorry typo – Thanks Dan, not Dad!


Thanks Dad for sharing this precious footage of ZRS-4. She was a pathfinder of sorts into the real potential of LTA surveillance and fleet scouting. Only did her sister, the Macon (ZRS-5) really begin to open up the true potential of LTA with the Navy that was eventually made successful with the huge ASW blimp program of WW-2.