Flyboys: Silly Zeppelin Movie of the Day

This is the interior of the zeppelin in the 2006 movie Flyboys.


How did the thing ever get off the ground? 🙂


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Dagmara Lizlovs
Dagmara Lizlovs

Rule numero uno when making a movie – don’t let technical accuracy and historical facts get in the way of a good story. 🙂

Patrick Russell

I found Flyboys to be a fun, mostly harmless movie that certainly took its share of liberties as far as historical accuracy was concerned. Externally, the CGI model of L 32 looks pretty good. But that interior layout, incredible though it may seem, manages to make even less sense than the interior design of the Hindenburg in the German TV mini-series from a few years back. Clearly, the design team that created that interior shot of L 32 couldn’t be bothered to read even the most basic overview of how a Zeppelin was constructed. (Of course, they also obviously thought… Read more »

Michael L. Hopp


I have that movie, and certainly it is entertaining, but if one is expecting an accurate portrayal of the war, they will be sorely disappointed. Kind of like 1971’s Zeppelin. Although, to their credit, at least that movie’s depiction of a Zeppelin airship was very accurate both inside and out.

Vincent Dalto
Vincent Dalto

As for that comment about the Fokkers, they were all red because almost NOBODY in test audiences could tell French from German planes. Granted, they could have used a different colour, but most people think “red = Red Baron = German” so it was the best they could do for a movie 80% of people were only seeing because of James Franco.

Michael L. Hopp

You know, I never did pause the movie to closely examine this before, but wow. Those gas cells are not only far too tiny, but there isn’t even any proper bracing wire going through that thing…

Then again, this is the same movie that basically made the assumption that the Fokker Dr.I was the only plane in the German air service…

Vincent Dalto
Vincent Dalto

See my comment above for the reason behind that.