The Sound of Hindenburg’s Aluminum Piano [Video]

This is the sound of the aluminum piano in the Hindenburg’s lounge:

I have previously blogged about the history and design of Hindenburg’s Blüthner piano, which was carried on the airship during its 1936 season.

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Dagmara Lizlovs
Not only did my father love to play, he also loved music history. I’ve always wanted to do a post like this on notable pianos and compare their features. I have finally gotten the time to put one together. In my earlier post I mentioned having heard a recording of the piano used by Beethoven. My mother has recordings on LP of two Beethoven Sonatas and several of his Bagatelles done on this piano. I think the Bagatelles really show the quality of this instrument at its best, but I can’t locate a recording to post here. However, I did… Read more »
Dagmara Lizlovs

Thanks Dan for posting this! Both of my parents were into classical piano, and my dad just loved to play. I went to piano recitals when I was growing up. I have always wanted to hear a recording of the Hindenburg piano! I’ve been interested in how the Hindenburg piano compared against a Steinway or a Bösendorfer. I’ve heard different recordings of other notable pianos – the piano which belonged to Beethoven and a late 19th century Steinway. This one is right up there.

Jason Wallace

Does any one here know the piece she is playing??? would love to find out! 🙂 thank you. and looking forward to hearing from you.


Shoot! It ended just as she was starting to swing it up a bit! Great find and good quality. Thank you for sharing!

M L Hopp

If one didn’t know which piano it was, one would never guess it was an aluminum piano at all. Such a lovely sounding instrument, although I freely admit I’m a sucker for anything on piano…

Milan Zivancevic

Nice find, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your other videos.