Statement by The Lightship Group about Blimp Accident in Germany

The Lightship Group has issued a statement regarding yesterday’s tragic crash of a Goodyear-branded blimp and the death of its pilot, Mike Nerandzic.

In an email to the company noted: “As you can imagine this is a very difficult time for our company, and our primary concern at this time is with the family of Mike Nerandzic and the passengers and crew involved. Our deepest condolences go out to Mike’s family at this time. He was a well respected and loved colleague and friend.”

Company Statement Regarding Blimp Accident at Reichelsheim Airfield

13th June  2011  0030hrs CET

An airship operated by Lightship Europe Limited caught fire at Reichelsheim Airfield in Germany this evening.

One member of the flight crew suffered fatal injuries. There were no injuries to passengers or ground crew.

The Airship is one of two leased by Goodyear from Lightship Europe Limited for marketing purposes in Europe. The second airship has been withdrawn from service until further notice.

First and foremost, our thoughts are with the family and friends of the crew member, and also with our colleagues and the passengers involved with the airship tour in Germany.

As is customary in incidents involving aircraft, the aviation and local authorities have initiated an investigation and it would be premature for Goodyear or Lightship Europe Limited to speculate on causes and findings at this time.

The Lightship Group

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Neal Sausen
My ques. is this: Did this particular model of light-ship have a “Rip-Cord” installed?! All non-rigids usally have such a device in case of emergencies & a “quick exit” is needed. If this particular ship DID NOT have a rip-cord then why not?! If it did (have a rip-panel) then why in heavens name did not Mike pull it when he could have??!! I guess the answer to this will Be with Mike Forevwer! Such a young, energetic guy, a real tragedy where-ever the answer may lie! Neal Sausen (airship-doc) 12-13-11 @ 7:51 p.m.

Hello Lydny,
David rang to let me know of your loss. Mike was indeed a beautiful person and a competent pilot.
Thoughts are with you.



Hi Lyndy,
These must be difficult days for you,Mike always appeared so invincible.
A fine human being,a great loss.

David Chipping

Could someone possibly try and supply me with Mikes widows email , Mike was a good friend and I have no way of contacting her.
What at tragedy he will be greatly missed, one of the great aviators I have known.

myle kendrick


Drop me a line at [email protected]


Lyndy Nerandzic

David, you are an absolute gentleman.