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I also only see one american flag.. bizarre!

Patrick Russell
Actually, there’s only one American flag among the coffins. Moritz Feibusch was a German Jew who emigrated to the United States in 1897, and his coffin was included in this ceremony, draped in an American flag. I’m fairly certain that he was buried here in the States. The other coffin without a German flag, visible about 2/3 of the way down the line, was that of Swedish journalist Birger Brinck, whose coffin was covered with a Swedish flag (with another Swedish flag also displayed among the swastikas hanging above the row of coffins.) Not all of the Hindenburg fatalities were… Read more »

Looks like all the deaths are accounted for in this photograph, I can only make out 2 American flags too, dispersed in the middle. It just makes me think about what will happen 2 years from this picture. Zeppelins and airships united people across politics and nations…