Titanic artist Ken Marschall offers Hindenburg paintings for sale

Ken Marschall is probably most famous for his brilliant paintings of the ocean liner Titanic. He is known for his meticulous attention to historical detail as well his artistic ability.

Over the years Ken has also created historically accurate paintings of LZ-129 Hindenburg for books including Hindenburg – An Illustrated History and Inside the Hindenburg – A Giant Cutaway Book.  Ken is now offering several of his original paintings for sale.

Painting For Sale:

From Hindenburg – An Illustrated History

The Hindenburg Disaster. Commissioned for the book Hindenburg: An Illustrated History (Pages 186-187). Acrylic on board, 30? x 23″ / Unframed

Graf Zeppelin arrives over San Francisco from Tokyo in August, 1929. Commissioned for the book Hindenburg: An Illustrated History (Pages 116-117). Acrylic on board, 34″ x 20″/ Framed

From Inside the Hindenburg:

ID #1: Acrylic on Board, 24″ x 19″ / Unframed

ID #2: Acrylic on Board, 24″ x 19″ / Unframed

ID #3: Acrylic on Board, 24″ x 19″ / Unframed

ID #4: Acrylic on Board, 12″ x 12″ / Unframed

ID #5:  Acrylic on Board, 20″ x 16″ / Unframed

Hindenburg painting by Ken Marschall for sale

ID #6:  Acrylic on Board, 25″ x 16″ / Unframed

Hindenburg painting by Ken Marschall for sale

ID #7:  Acrylic on Board, 22″ x 18″ / Unframed

ID #8: Acrylic on Board, 22″ x 17″ / Unframed

Prices are available on request.  For information about price or availability, please send me an email and I will pass it along to Ken:  [email protected]

Note:  As regular readers know, Airships.net is completely non-profit and non-commercial. I am posting this information solely as a personal favor to Ken, whose work I greatly respect; I will not receive a commission or any other compensation for this blog post and all discussions will be directly between the buyer and Ken. 

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Dean Wachtel

My mother was a survivor of the Lusitania. When National Geographic was making the “movie” my mother played an important part in its filming. Consequently, my mother was given a framed painting(print?) of the ship.
When my mother died, I received a phone call from(?) requesting the return of the picture!! I still have it. I would sell it, and have no idea of its value. (I’m 82and who knows! Thanks for your thoughtfulness.Edith Williams was my mom.

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer

Are there any paintings still available?

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer

Just interested if there are any orginal Lithographs of the Hindenbrug available and cost/

Norman Plagge

Has Mr. Marshall published a book of his paintings of the Hindenburg? If yes, is it available on the internet for purchase? Many Thanks

Bruce Chin
Bruce Chin

Hi Dan, Many thanks for sharing this news update regarding Ken Marschall’s paintings of the great airships. I am a huge fan of all of Ken’s work have a few of his signed lithographs of Titanic and Lusitania in my stock and have met he and Vern – amazing people. I’ve just discovered your Twitter account and have followed you, leading me here. I’d love to get a price on the Graf Zepplin flying over San Francisco and the Hindenburg over the Queen Mary at sea – both scenes of major significance in my life. Thank you very much for… Read more »