Toto’s Zeppelin – Restaurant and Lounge

Toto’s Zeppelin was a supper club designed like an airship, even copying the design and furniture of the passenger lounge on the Hindenburg.

Toto's Zeppelin Restaurant

Located between Holyoke and Northampton, Massachusetts, Toto’s offered a restaurant, cocktail lounge, and dance floor, and operated from 1935 until it was destroyed by fire in November, 1938.

totos zeppelin nightclub

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Dagmara Lizlovs

Cheer up. It’s not so bad. There’s hope yet. Come to any dinner at the Divine Providence Lithuanian Catholic Church in Southfield Michigan, and you will be served the finest Zeppelins. They make the best. Here is a recipe:

Be sure to wash it down with some Lithuanian Cherry or Black Currant vodka:


Milan Zivancevic

“…until it was destroyed by fire in November, 1938.”

– geez, even zepp-looking diners were doomed…