Video clips from “What Destroyed the Hindenburg”

The new documentary “What Destroyed the Hindenburg” premiered last night on the Discovery Channel.  Here are two clips from the program:



I just returned last night from six days in Friedrichshafen.  I will try to post a description of my trip and photos in the next few days.


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Neil Hemstad
I watched the show on yotube and i quite enjoyed it but i have a couple of questions. If there was a large hydrogen leak as the inquires said then why was it not detected on the panel in the control car? I thought that there was a instrument that checked the fullness of each cell so if cell 4 was leaking badly should it not have been detected?Also if Pruss and Lehmann knew that there was a major leak then could they have aborted the high landing and quickly gone to the ground low because of the electrical diferences… Read more »
Scott Fowler

Excellent footage! I want to get the DVD if possible too!

Jason Wallace

Dear Dan
I was wondering if and when this may come out on DVD as i don’t have pay T.V i would dearly love to see this Documentary it looks Intriguing and has some new ideas and footage i have not seen or really thought about. so if it at some point may be released on DVD i would very much like to see it! :).

P.S Dear dan and all my fellow LTA Enthusiast’s i wish you all a very merry safe happy and jolly Christmas and New Year!! 😀

Regards Jason Wallace 🙂