The Wonderful Airship Fantasy of Grey Goose Vodka

Once again an airship is used as the ultimate symbol of dreamy happiness, this time by Grey Goose vodka.

When you want people to feel uplifted, summon an airship.

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9 Comments on "The Wonderful Airship Fantasy of Grey Goose Vodka"

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J Howell

I love the commercial. Someone please make a real airship like that. Outstanding CG.

Charles Finch

Could someone identify this airship; ie: name, manufacturer, history and pictures?

Gary Hartman

A wonderful commercial, exotic and beautiful with the perfect music as well.. The Car is a Citroen. An older model.
One only hopes such a beautiful airship exists!

Michael L. Hopp

Why does that airship look familiar. I swear there had been a proposed design very much like that…

J Kruizinga

Nice find Dan!


What brand of car are they driving?

Dagmara Lizlovs

Now I need to go out and win the Powerball and make the dream a reality. 🙂

Joe May

Lovely advertisement!