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The numbers for the two modern airships, especially the Airlander, seem very unrealistic. The bigger Airlander version will have only half the gas volume of the Hindenburg (and that’s helium, which has less lifting power than H2), yet it claims more than twice the payload. Adding to the strangeness, the fact that it’s an hybrid airship (HAV) implies that it has more aerodynamic drag, and it burns more fuel (it needs to burn fuel to stay afloat, since it’s heavier than air). So it must carry more fuel, especially considering it’s going to use powerful, but very thirsty turboshaft engines.… Read more »


I said twice the payload above, comparing the Airlander to LZ129, but actually they claim 20 times the payload!

by the way the numbers I’m comparing are in relation to the post below by Dagmara.

Dagmara Lizlovs
Dagmara Lizlovs

I did a quick and dirty rough comparison of the LZ-129 Hindenburg, Airlander and the Aeroscraft. For the Airlander I found two different sets of dimensions given. One at this link: http://www.hybridairvehicles.com/hav304.aspx And the other at this link: http://www.theengineer.co.uk/Journals/2014/02/28/x/d/o/Airlander-50-Technical-Data-v2.pdf The Aeroscraft is a work in progress, and so I have also given a range of dimensions. If anyone has a better set of dimensions or performance data, feel free to add it. I have converted figures given in British tonnes and US tons to pounds, and speeds given in knots to mph. Length: LZ-129: 803.8 feet Airlander (HAV): 300 –… Read more »