“Farmers Airship”: Zeppelin NT Branded with Farmers Insurance Name

Photo courtesy Jaysen F. Snow

A Zeppelin NT named Eureka, owned and operated by Airship Ventures, has been temporarily branded with the Farmers Insurance name as part of the company’s most recent promotional arrangement.

Eureka was built by the German company that created the Hindenburg; it is not a blimp, but a semi-rigid zeppelin airship.

Airship Ventures has not disclosed how long the Farmers name will remain on the side of their ship.  Eureka has previously advertised the personal genetics company 23andMe and the Disney film UP.

Blimp or Zeppelin?


The learn more about the difference between a blimp and a zeppelin, visit Dirigibles, Zeppelins, and Blimps.

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Bev Johnson
Bev Johnson

For my 70th Birthday my husband and children gave me a gift to take a ride on the Zeppelin. It was a dream of mine for over 50 years to have a ride on a Blimp so they heard about the Farmers Airship and booked a ride for me on April Fool’s Day. At first I didn’t believe them when the certificate said the ride would be on April Fool’s day but they finally convinced me. My sister decided she’s go along with me as it would be more fun with the two of us. It was fantastic. We even… Read more »

Bev Johnson
Bev Johnson

Forgot to mention we flew over San Francisco and the flight attendant pointed out all the sights. Very quiet on board. They even opened a window and you could poke your head out the window. We had champagne afterwards and were given a certificate. This was one of the items I can now cross off my Bucket List 🙂

Jaysen F. Snow - Midwest Tail Chasers

This is a wonderful site, very cool! I caught a shot of this Zeppelin at Moffett Field on my way to a rock concert in Mountain View on 11 July, just thought this was the coolest thing. Keep up the good work!

Jaysen F. Snow – Midwest Tail Chasers
Aviation Photographer
Merced, California, USA


The ship is in Salem Oregon – Wow! It is pretty amazing to see cruising around the skies!


We were at the beach in Carpenteria a few weeks ago. It was an overcast day and I noticed a large shadow in the clouds above. I took a few photos and was able to make out “Farmers” on the side. We see blimps flying over from time to time, but I knew this one was different. We live in Camarillo and saw it coming over our house this afternoon. Beautiful.


A sample decal application was done of the NT to make it look like the “classic” style. Silver, with ribs.

It is quite attractive, but would also be insanely expensive, as it would be a full wrap, and digital print (versus solid colors).

But it would indeed be a wonderful thing to see.

If someone would sponsor it, we would be MORE than happy to fly it.


Maybe if James Cameron remakes the Hindenburg they can paint your blimp that way to advertise the film.



This blimp is a design atrocity! Farmers would have done better to have a silver or white blimp with their shield logo, and the “Farmers” name below it in a cherry red.

To think my premiums pay for this design mess!


The last time I checked, insurance companies are not for profit, you communist!, maybe you should get your insurance from Progressive.


Sorry, they are for profit.


I think someone should sponsor a paint job to make it look like the Graf Zeppelin or the Hindenburg. I’d like to see a New England tour as well!