The Farmers Blimp is not a Blimp, and it’s not Operated by Farmers

Photo courtesy Matthew Rhodes

The “Farmers blimp” (which is no longer in service) was not a blimp at all; it was a zeppelin, built by the German firm that created the Hindenburg.  And it was not owned or operated by Farmers Insurance.  The real name of the airship was Eureka and it was owned and operated by a now-defunct company called Airship Ventures.

Unlike a blimp (which has no rigid framework and maintains its shape from the pressure of its internal gas, like a balloon), the Zeppelin NT is built around a framework of aluminum and high-strength carbon-fiber.

The learn more about the difference between a blimp and a zeppelin, visit Dirigibles, Zeppelins, and Blimps.

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  1. I got to take a tourist flight on Eureka (N704LZ) in February 2012. It was awesome, a really great experience. I put some notes and photos up on my blog at

  2. The farmers insurance zeppelin is currently flying over downtown Los Angeles.

  3. Bev Polmanteer | October 21, 2011 at 3:52 pm | Reply

    Looked up about 11:30 this morning near Casa Grande, AZ and saw the Farmers Zepplin! What a beautiful craft, would like to know where it was coming from and where it was going. They must have had a beautiful view of the Sawtooth Mountains!

  4. Zepplin just came over our rock quarry in canyon lake tx 3.30pm oct3 2011

  5. This is actually in the St. Louis area right now, $300 a ride. I was thrilled to find that out, until I learned the price…but I did get some nice pictures of it flying over a friend’s house the other day. It was awesome to see one in real life after reading so much about them!

  6. As I was playing golf yesterday,8-10-2011,in Hobart In.,about 3:00pm,the Farmer’s zeplin flew over head.Where was it coming from?

  7. As I layed on the ground cleaning my deck on my lawn mower I heard this soft noise coming and I thought it was coming down our street. I waited and waited and nothing come down the street. I then looked up and saw the Farmers blimp passing by right over my house. What sight. Just beautiful. I’m now wondering where it came from and where it was going?
    Nekoosa, Wisconsin.

  8. At $500 per ride I guess I won’t be riding in it!

  9. ECKART MITZLAFF-CRUEWELL | June 3, 2011 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    I just saw your airship above Solomons, Maryland (Western Shore Chesapeake Bay) where i live . I am a Zeppelin enthusiast and a member of the Freundeskreis Zeppelin-Museum, Friedrichshafen. From where can I get a ride ???
    When I was little I saw the Graf Zeppelin landing near my home town Bielefeld
    where members of the Pruss family lived.

  10. Love your site. I went out to this company’s site and was pleased to learn they make trips around the US for various charter or group biz. They are scheduled to be in Columbus, Ohio in June. By any chance—just off the top of your head—do you know where they are landing? At first I thought Port Columbus because of an article I read that stated the port (opened in the ’20’s) was counting on becoming an airship hub at sometime. But I also know we have Bolton Field and Rickenbacker, as well as sever other airport site associated with BMI and Ohio State.

    Anyway, I would love to sail, but will probably have to skip this year. Still, I could snap pics and video.



    • i two can wait to see and hear this airship in Columbus, i do NOT know which airport or where it will moor, but I WILL be looking to the sky’s in about a week

  11. I love the zepplin! Every time I see it (it’s been in the Bay Area about 3 months-I first spotted it when the Blue Angels were in town for Fleet Week in Oct 2010), I want to “soar” with it!!! Please please stay around so I can see it more! It would be so thrilling to take a ride in it!!

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