Video clips from “What Destroyed the Hindenburg”

The new documentary “What Destroyed the Hindenburg” premiered last night on the Discovery Channel.  Here are two clips from the program:



I just returned last night from six days in Friedrichshafen.  I will try to post a description of my trip and photos in the next few days.


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  1. I watched the show on yotube and i quite enjoyed it but i have a couple of questions. If there was a large hydrogen leak as the inquires said then why was it not detected on the panel in the control car? I thought that there was a instrument that checked the fullness of each cell so if cell 4 was leaking badly should it not have been detected?Also if Pruss and Lehmann knew that there was a major leak then could they have aborted the high landing and quickly gone to the ground low because of the electrical diferences in the atmosphere? I know that the ground crew was smaller because of the high moor but if they knew of the leak then they should have gotten on the ground asap.


  2. Excellent footage! I want to get the DVD if possible too!


  3. Dear Dan
    I was wondering if and when this may come out on DVD as i don’t have pay T.V i would dearly love to see this Documentary it looks Intriguing and has some new ideas and footage i have not seen or really thought about. so if it at some point may be released on DVD i would very much like to see it! :).

    P.S Dear dan and all my fellow LTA Enthusiast’s i wish you all a very merry safe happy and jolly Christmas and New Year!! 😀

    Regards Jason Wallace 🙂


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