23andMe Blimp

The “23andMe blimp” was not a blimp at all; it was a high-tech Zeppelin NT airship operated by Airship Ventures.

Blimp or Zeppelin?

So it’s not a blimp??

Nope.  It’s not a blimp.

A blimp is a lighter-than-air vehicle with no internal structure, which maintains its shape only from the pressure of the gases inside its envelope.  The airship that carried the 23andMe logo, on the other hand, is a semi-rigid airship, with an internal framework of aluminum and high-strength carbon-fiber which supports the cabin, engines, and tail assembly.  Its high-strength envelope is inflated with approximately 300,000 cubic feet of safe helium gas.  It was operated by the now-defunct Airship Ventures in the San Francisco bay area.

23andMe is a genetic testing company; the name refers to the 23 pairs of chromosomes in each human.

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Sir, We had made some contacts with Zeppelin manufacturer’s (as I was doing my PHD at Netherlands) as early as 1996/98,they had closed down or not producing in full swing then, now am back to Bangalore, India and have arranged many joint ventures between European/American firms and Indian one’s,interested in… Read more »


I would love to fly with my husband is this blimp, but cost too much for us.
My birthday is December 24, do you want give a present?
I love to see the blimp when fly almost over my house.
I dream to fly in this blimp one day!