Goodyear Airship Calendar Giveaway

To celebrate the New Year, is giving away a 2017 Goodyear Airship Calendar.

2017 Goodyear Airship Calendar

To enter, simply add a comment to this blog post. Feel free to say anything you like (“I love the Goodyear Blimp,” “I want a calendar,” or anything else) and I will use a random number generator to determine which comment is the winner. The contest closes at the end of the day on Monday, January 23, 2017. The giveaway includes free shipping to any USA address.

2017 Goodyear Airship Calendar

Next week I will give away a 2017 Historical Airship Calendar. Feel free to enter both contests if you like.

2017 Historical Airship Calendar

Both calendars are produced by the great folks at the Airship International Press and are also available for purchase. You can buy either calendar for $15.00 with free shipping (or both for $25.00 with free shipping) by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

Please note that I get no commission or any other benefit from the sale of these calendars; I just think you will like them.


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61 Comments on "Goodyear Airship Calendar Giveaway"

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I wish Goodyear would build a rigid dirigible for old time’s sake. 🙂


I need a historical calendar badly!


What a cool calendar! I remember watching for the blimp on family outings as a child.


Happy New Year! I would love to have this calendar!

Craig Glassner

A home town calendar I’d love to have!

Ray Collins

Growing up in Akron it has always been the sound that had me running out the door to look up and see the majesty of the blimp.

andrew clark

Airships are incredible!!

Eric Sack

Worked on airships for a number of years. Glad to see Goodyear and Zeppelin working together again. Nice ship, the NT.

Buddy Estes

Love the Goodyear Airships. I never get tired of seeing them. And every time you look up & see 1 ….you just have to smile & wave.

Trisha Joy Fites

I know the sound of the Good Year blimp! I lived under the flight path from Wingfoot to Pittsburgh and it was common to hear it fly over on its way to and from covering games. I always had to run outside to see it. Even today I still have to watch it. It’s almost “other-worldly”. I love the blimp!!

Sue Miller

Love the Goodyear. blimp.. have flown in it… what an experience.. life is good:)

Sue Miller

Goodyear has the best & only blimp!!! I have flown in and steered these great ships:)

Joe Henley

I would love a calendar!!! Was a tech for the “Spirit of Akron”

John A. Weingart

i LOVE SEEING THE BLIMPS FLYING OVER OUR TOWN. THERE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SITE, especially at christmas when they have the greetings on the blimp. there so cool!


Living in Akron, I have grown up around the Goodyear blimp.

Toni Henry

I rode in the blimp in 2008. I would love a calendar. Thanks

Don Barron

Blimps are a beautiful sight to behold as they float through the sky.

Stuart L. Schroeder

My favorite is the GZ20A. I enjoyed seeing the Spring based N3A America fly over my house in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.

Matthew Galbraith

I’m a big fan of airships and I would love a calendar

Ron Smith

I want an calendar with pictures of airships on every page.

Gene Harriman

I had the privilege of riding “Wingfoot One” in September of 2015 above Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. A real thrill for me.

Tom Tomsic

Seeing the Goodyear blimp overhead always brings me delight.

David Hamilton

Lifetime blimphead. Fingers crossed!!!

Frank Wilhite

Always like watching the blimp when I am fishing Wingfoot lake !!

Machelle Forrest

would love to have a calendar like this!! Love seeing the Goodyear Blimp at AirVenture!

Vaughn Foraker

I grew up with the Goodyear Blimp. My Pappaw worked for them. I know them all by name. Now I am a man that chases them on my Harley when I see them out.

Carolyn Giresi

Blimps – what makes dogs bark and people smile.

Michael Hopp

Thanks for the contest, a Goodyear calendar would be a pretty cool thing.

Rod Fleck

Would love such a calendar and hope one day to ride on the Goodyear.

Mike Delporte

I grew up watching the Goodyear Blimp fly over my house during the Indy 500. It used to fly around town the night before, too, and I remember running outside to see it with the light display going.

Stacey Haas

Would love to have one of these!


My dad has always loved the Blimp. I have footage he took of it in the 80s. I would love to be able to give this to him.

David Moyer

I’ve always loved the Blimp!

David M

Can you ship it overseas?

Rick Parks

Those really are nice calendars! Thank you for the chance at winning one!

salvador juarez

i want a calendar for my 3 year grandson gracias


a calendar is the icing on the cake.


I love the Zeppelin NT!!

Barb Zimmerman

Still get stupid excited when I see Wingfoot cruising over our neighborhood. I’m the person popping up through the sunroof when we drive through the hangar during toys for tots.

Gordon Reid

Hurrah for blimps and other lighter than air craft.

Alan Cornelius

Magnificent airships!

Bruce McDougall

Like to see an airship on my wall every day.


Had a chance to get in a GoodYear blimp back in the seventies. Neat gondola, tough the view upwards was quite restricted 🙂


Ooooh! Blimps!

Jeffrey Burns

I love the Goodyear Blimp, I want a calendar.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get a ride in one.

Jim Wolper

I think airships have a magnificent past and a productive future.

Steve Erwin

I rode in the Goodyear airship out of Wilmington, Ca. in the mid 60’s. What a ride and experience. I wish more kids had that opportunity. It’s awesome.

Rory Thelen

Bring back zeppelins!

Matthew M. L. Rogan


Christian McDowell

Thanks for entering me.

Marion Weichselbaum

There are no airships in India…i would be very happy to have the Goodyear airship calender on the wall of my livingroom in Mumbai.

Scott Lorencen

I would love to ride in a Zeppelin NT someday!

Tom Kvach

I’ll take a ride ticket while you are at it, too!

Shelby Johnson

I need a wall calendar for 2017. This one would be interesting to look at.


Wish me luck 🙂

Theodore Gallinat

The Goodyear Blimp is the reason I became a pilot and yet I have never been given a chance to enjoy flying in One!

Drew Swearingen

My grandfather worked in the hanger in WWII. I’ve alway loved being looking and seeing a blimp.

Thomas Becker

Appreciate the opportunity to enter this contest


I do love the blimps…