AIRSHIPS: Designed for Greatness
Museum Edition now available in USA

The Museum Edition of AIRSHIPS: Designed for Greatness is now available for purchase in the USA.

Max Pinucci Airships Book

The book showcases the illustrations of Italian artist Max Pinucci, who has created beautiful and accurate illustrations of the world’s most famous airships along with infographics explaining airship routes, performance, dimensions, and more. I am proud to have worked with Max and others as co-author of this stunningly beautiful book.

Max Pinucci Airships Book - Museum Edition

The Museum Edition is identical in content to the “Limited Edition” offered in 2015 but with high-quality digital printing.

The Museum Edition is $145 plus $20 shipping in the continental United States.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this edition is now sold out. 

AIRSHIPS: Designed for Greatness features:

  • 114 panoramic pages
  • Impressively sized at 46,5 cm x 29 cm (18.3″ x 11.5″), and
  • 24 accurate and detailed airship profiles (1:400 and 1:700 scale).
  • Extensive infographic plates
  • Original photographs, renderings, and hand-drawn portraits.
  • Imperial and metric measurements, technical specifications, and flight data.
  • Bilingual text and captions (English/Italian)


One of the infographics in AIRSHIPS

The book includes detailed illustrations and information about the following airships:

  • Lebaudy Le Jaune
  • Zeppelin LZ 8 Deutschland
  • Zeppelin L30 (LZ 62)
  • Zeppelin L35 (LZ 80)
  • Zeppelin L59 (LZ 104)
  • Zeppelin L70 (LZ 114)
  • HMA R33 (R33 Class)
  • HMA R34 (R33 Class)
  • LZ 120 Bodensee
  • Dixmude
  • ZR-1 USS Shenandoah
  • N-1 Norge
  • ZR-3 USS Los Angeles
  • N-4 Italia
  • Zeppelin LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin
  • HMA R.100
  • HMA R.101
  • ZR-4 USS Akron
  • ZR-5 USS Macon
  • V-6 Osoaviakhim
  • Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg
  • Zeppelin LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin
  • Goodyear ZPG-2 Snowbird
  • Zeppelin NT 07
  • Goodyear NT-07 101 Wingfoot One

The Airships

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Simon Yates
Simon Yates

Where can I get the original edition?

Lou Beauchain
Lou Beauchain

This is a beautiful book. I just received my copy and I’m very impressed with it.

Pete Braun
Pete Braun

I still have my limited edition copy and love it. I DID, however, show this link to my parents. Maybe they’ll want their own copy!


I bought one, it was definitely worth it!

Michael Hopp
Michael Hopp

Oh, again sir, you tempt me so.