Airship Links


Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen


Albert Sammt Zeppelin Museum

Aeronauticum Nordholz

Zeppelin Museum Tønder



Archiv der Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH
The official archive of the Zeppelin Company; the world’s single-largest repository of zeppelin information and a wonderful resource.

Harold G. Dick Collection
The Harold G. Dick Collection at Wichita State University.

University of Texas-Dallas, History of Aviation Collection
Includes the papers of Charles E. Rosendahl.



Faces of the Hindenburg
A wonderful blog with biographies of the passengers and crew on Hindenburg’s last flight.

Mostly news about recent happenings in the LTA world.

Blimpin’ Ain’t Easy
The blog of a blimp pilot.

Internet Resources and Websites
Airship Consultant Alan Gross
Online Airship Community

Airship: Home Page for Lighter-Than-Air Craft.
An comprehensive collection of information on airships, maintained by John Dziadecki.
An excellent source of information, especially about WWI zeppelins and their commanders.

Hindenburg Cameras
An interesting discussion about cameras found in the wreckage of Hindenburg.

Geschichte der Kölner Luftfahrt
History of Aviation in Cologne.

Cider Press Pottery
Great information about zeppelins from a dedicated enthusiast.

What the famous Herb Morrison Hindenburg broadcast really sounded like.

The Airship Group (photos of various airships) on Flickr

Zeppelin Mail and Philately
A great resource for information about zeppelin mail and philately.

Current Zeppelin and LTA Operations

The Lightship Group
A leader in modern advertising blimps.  I am very grateful to have flown in one of their ships.

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik
The builder of the new Zeppelin NT airship.

Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei [new] Offers Zeppelin NT flights in Europe


Societies and Organizations

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society
Great information about the Lakehurst hangars and the history of NAS Lakehurst.

The Airship Heritage Trust
A great source of information about British airships.

Naval Airship Association, Inc.

The Lighter-Than-Air Society

The Airship Association

Misc. Aviation History Links

Archive of “Flight” Magazine