Airship Ventures Shuts Down

Airship Ventures has ceased operations and grounded the airship Eureka — a Zeppelin NT — effective immediately.

The Zeppelin NT “Eureka” branded with the Farmers Insurance logo

The company operated Eureka since 2008, giving passenger rides in the San Francisco Bay area and carrying advertising for companies including Farmers Insurance, Disney, and genetics-testing company 23andme.  The company has struggled financially and was apparently unable to find a new corporate sponsor.

To Airship Ventures co-founders Brian and Alexandra Hall we offer both condolences and congratulations; we are sad to see Eureka grounded, but we congratulate you on four safe and inspiring years in the air.  Thank you for bringing a zeppelin back to American skies for the first time in 75 years.  We wish you and your team the very best.


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John Chaney
John Chaney

Last posting was 2012, are there any airships left in the U.S. that is not private or experimental?

I am very interested in the subject, but can find very little updated information.

Rhonda Walker
Rhonda Walker

Negative. No more companies in the United States. Very expensive to run and hard to find a corporate sponsor.


Yes, affordable airship operation, either hobbyist or commercial requires the usage of H2, hydrogen, lift gas, not expensive helium. It was done safely and will be done safely again. Airship operation has to be done without the use of expensive ground crews or it’ll never be practical to operate them.… Read more »


One of the reason airship ventures manger gave to explain their bankrupcy is interesting: shortage of helium which became thus too expensive. Helium isn’t renewable and earth helium reserves will run out in the coming years, or will be reserved for other purpose (liquid helium, labs, etc.). If there is… Read more »

Auction HQ
Auction HQ

Airship Ventures Assets up for Auction


Dammit! An awesome opportunity to expand LTA commerical passenger travel lost. I firmly believe that in the cattle-car mentality airline industry that herds us about, polks, prods and douses us with x-rays, body scans and rudeness, that the airship will offer sane, civil and decency on a levle not seen… Read more »

M L Hopp

This is disheartening news, as it was my hope to someday ride aboard the Eureka. Alas, I will now have to someday venture to Germany to fly on a zeppelin. I’d hold out a slim hope that Goodyear may offer some manner of rides on the zeppelins they will be… Read more »