Bust of Barnes Wallis at RAF Club in London

Every morning as I leave to do my research I have been greeted by this bust of Barnes Wallis and this painting so I thought I would share a quick photo.

As blog readers know I have been in the UK for the past few weeks doing research about the RAF, but I have not been able to resist doing some airship research on the side, especially looking for British information and views on the German commercial zeppelin program.  I found some interesting items that I will post as time allows, including a 1930 memo discussing German views on helium versus hydrogen; diplomatic correspondence about passenger use of cameras aboard Hindenburg; reports of technical visits by British airshipmen to Friedrichshafen; government memoranda regarding zeppelin overflights; and similar items.

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Ross Sharp

I haven’t seen any evidence to the effect that Barnes Wallis, or Nevile Shute Norway, had any formal talks with their German counterparts. Wallis’s geodesic method of light alloy construction was unique, as far as I am aware. Actually, Sir Barnes Wallis is a ‘local’ hero, where I am from.… Read more »

Mike O'Neill
Mike O'Neill

Hi Dan I was interested to read that on your recent UK research tour you came across ‘reports of technical visits by British airshipmen to Friedrichshafen’. I’m very interested in finding out if British airship designers every met with their German and US counterparts. So did Wallis, Shute or Roxbee-Cox… Read more »