Graf Zeppelin’s Round-the-World flight: August, 1929

August is the anniversary of Graf Zeppelin’s Round-the-World flight in 1929.

In honor of this anniversary, I have published a list of passengers and crew aboard the flight.

The flight was made in five stages:

Lakehurst – Friedrichshafen
August 7, 1929 – August 10, 1929
7,068 km / 55 hrs 22 mins

Weltfahrt: Lakehurst - Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen – Tokyo
August 15, 1929 – August 19, 1929
11,247 km / 101 hrs 49 mins


Tokyo – Los Angeles
August 23, 1929 – August 26, 1929
9,653 km / 79 hrs 3 mins


Los Angeles – Lakehurst
August 27, 1929 – August 29, 1929
4,822 km / 51 hrs 57 mins


Lakehurst – Friedrichshafen
September 1, 1929 – September 4, 1929
8,478 km / 57 hrs 31 mins

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edward c green
edward c green

I have a copy of the film covering this, about 20 minutes. Does anyone else have this?

Donald Wood
Donald Wood

I have a piece of paper with the round the world flight stamp. My Father was in hte USMC stationed at lakehurst, at the time of the flight

louis brewsell

I am absolutely excited ready peoples comments relating to all different types of airships which have been invented from the early years to present date. In the year 2011 I decided to commence to build a 2.6 metre x 500mm wide r/c model Hinderburge airship which is still on-going project… Read more »

mark dowding

I am not usually obsessed with the magic of anything, but airships, especially Graf Zeppelin completely do it for me. This event in 1929 completely blows my mind. Oh please, can I one day have a ride?….

Philip Bowditch

Hello Mark…saw your post on this site-I have a decent early aviation grouping and am ready to find homes for some singular items- I have a Graf Zeppelin Round the World Flight 1929 pennant-intact, no missing straps. I have seen GZ pennants (not often!) but never one from the RTW… Read more »

Alexey Belokrys
Alexey Belokrys

The trans-Asian leg of the flight has gathered significant media coverage in the Soviet newspapers. Not always benevolent. Some said the Zep flew almost unnoticed, and this was disturbing. The Japanese also noted that the flight was somewhat of military reconnaissance nature.


I have been enlightened about this Historical moment.


I have a beautiful post card, that was sent to my great uncle and aunt, to England posted September 26’1929. Picture of The Ambassador hotel, Los Angeles, California . With the “Graff Zeppelin” On it with stamp from the Boden see, Friedrichshafen…. It looks like the card went in the… Read more »

Janice Hokerson
Janice Hokerson

In going through my husband’s old things I discovered a framed letter or postcard ( still in a frame with backing) addressed to his grandmother that was sent via German Airship L.Z #127 Los Angeles to Lakehurst Postmarked Richmond CA, August 26th – 9:30AM -1929 and again postmarked Lakehurst NJ,… Read more »

David Helms

Can you possibly share a copy of it? I am an avid airship collector of memorabilia and do speaking engagements on the 4 US Navy airships and specifically on the Hindenburg and Graf Zeppelin. Check out my website

Patrick Harvey
Patrick Harvey

My grandmother, Gertrude Ames, once told me that she had seen a UFO when she was a young woman, near Joplin, Missouri. She described it as cigar-shaped and flying against the wind. I figure that she may have seen the Graf Zeppelin.


I have a LZ 127 cover. It was addressed to someone in New York City (from someone in Massachusetts.) It says Los Angeles to Lakehurst but has cancellations from Los Angeles – August 26 and on the back Friedrichshafen – September 4. This corresponds with the Around The World flight… Read more »