LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin and the “Spies Who Lost the Battle of Britain”

LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin features prominently in a recent documentary about the revolutionary air defense radar system that saved Great Britain from Nazi invasion during World War II.

The Spies Who Lost the Battle of Britain” is a brilliantly-produced account of Britain’s Chain Home radar network and the “boffins” (scientists) who created it.  The film puts British radar and the Battle of Britain into historical context, and introduces the viewer to the individuals whose foresight, perseverance, and dedication would save their island during its Finest Hour.

The documentary describes the technical aspects of early radar and even explains the mystery of why the famous spy flight of the LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin — which was packed with electronic equipment and German scientists and sent over the UK specifically to probe the Chain Home system — was such a spectacular failure.

Airship enthusiasts will note a few small historical errors (such as mismatched archival footage, and the use of pusher rather than tractor propellers on the CGI Graf Zeppelin) but these trivial faults do not take away from a brilliant, enjoyable, and inspiring documentary.

The documentary is available for purchase here.

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Terry O'Reilly
Terry O'Reilly

When I was about age 4 in 1939 living in Co Wicklow, Ireland I saw a great cigar shaped bright silver object pass overhead. My grandmother said it was a Zeppelin. But was there any still flying then? I thought they ended with the Hindenburg disaster in 1937? But could… Read more »

Theodore G. Bahner JR
Theodore G. Bahner JR

I am 85 years old and have been intrested in Lighter than Airships since I was a Child. We summered on the Toms River in NJ until we sold the house in the Mid sixties, we were situated on a bluff above the toms River,about twenty miles East of Lakehurst… Read more »