Thai Blimp Crash

According to news reports the Royal Thai Army’s blimp crashed on December 13.   Four crewmembers suffered minor injuries and the airship suffered major damage.

Thai Army Blimp

According to these reports the controversial blimp cost 350-million baht ($14 million USD) but has yet to complete a flight; it was purchased three years ago to provide surveillance in Muslim-dominated provinces in southern Thailand.

My thanks to Dan Nachbar for passing along this information.

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John Brightbill
John Brightbill

When stationed in JUSMAG Thai around 1971, I wrote a staff study shooting down a DARPA study suggesting that it wasn’t a good idea. Looks like the more recent incident confirms this

J. James

There is more news out about the Thai blimp crash. According to the army, it was a weather-caused emergency landing(read: they abandoned ship, and it crashed). The damage to the airship was significant; covering up to 50% of it. The repairs are estimated to cost 20-30 million Baht for the… Read more »