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  1. Robert CADENE | May 4, 2017 at 6:30 am | Reply

    Hello Dan,
    I saw two “bordbuch” of the LZ 127 (Tokyo-Los Angeles 1929 and Pernambuco-Friedrichshafen 1931) They both show the same writing .I would like to know the function (the name?) of the crew member who assumed this job.Perhaps Hugo Eckener himself ?Thanks a lot and congratulations for your recent book.

  2. I have an original photo of the zeppelin from 1930 in Breslau

  3. Hello Dan,
    I am currently preparing classes for the Bucknell Institute for Lifelong Learning on the topic of Dramatic Technological Failures. One of the classes will be on the Hindenburg Disaster. I would greatly appreciate the permission to use several of the period photos along with a few of the modern Zeppelins. There are no plans to use the material beyond this educational activity. Best,

  4. I am in the course of preparing an illustrated talk for my local (Newent, Gloucestershire) PROBUS Club, and wondered if you might have any pictures which are large enough and of good enough quality to be able to be projected using a digital projector and which you would be prepared to make available for my use on this occasion.
    My connection with airships is that my grandfather (Flt Sgt Alfred Thomas Martin) was one of the casualties of the R38 crash. My father well remembered seeing many airships as a boy when grandfather was stationed at Pulham.
    With kind regards and many thanks.
    John Martin

    • Please feel free to download and use any photos for that non-commercial purpose; I just ask that you mention somewhere in your presentation. (Please do not upload the presentation to the internet unless each photo is individually credited.)

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