USS Shenandoah Crash – Officers and Crew

A list of the officers and crew aboard USS Shenandoah when the ship crashed in Ohio on September 3, 1925.  The names of the 14 officers and sailors killed in the crash are in red.

Six survivors of the Shenandoah were lost in the wreck of USS Akron in 1933; two survived the crash of USS Macon in 1935.

[22 April 2013:  My deep appreciation to Eric Brothers for offering corrections regarding sailors Louis Allely, G. W. Armour, and George C. Schnitzer.]


Zachary Lansdowne in control car of USS Shenandoah

Zachary Lansdowne in control car of USS Shenandoah

Lt. Cdr. Zachary Lansdowne, Commanding
Lt. Cdr. Louis Hancock

Lt. Cdr. Charles E. Rosendahl [biography] Lt. J. B. Lawrence
Lt. Arthur R. Houghton

Lt. Roland G. Mayer
Lt. Edgar W. Sheppard
Lieutenant Charles E. Bauch
Lt. Thomas C. Henley
Lt. J. Bruce Anderson
WO Raymond Cole, Radio Officer
Chief Machinist Shine Spottswood Halliburton
Col. Chalmers G. Hall, U.S. Army Air Service
Walter Richardson (Lt. USNR, Civilian Photographer)


AMM1c William H. Spratley

William H. Spratley

Louis E. Allely (Aviation Chief Rigger)
Everett P. Allen (Aviation Chief Rigger)
G. W. Armour (Radioman)

Henry A. Ballard (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d) [Died aboard USS Akron] Henry L. Boswell (Rigger, First Class) [Died aboard USS Akron]
Charles H. Broome (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
James W. Cullinan  (Aviation Pilot)

Arthur E. Carlson (Aviation Chief Rigger) [Died aboard USS Akron] Lester Coleman  (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
James H. Collier (Aviation Chief Rigger)
Mark Donovan (CBM | Chief Boatswain’s Mate)
John J. Hahn (SC1c | Ships Cook 1st)
Benjamin O. Hereth (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)

Ralph T. Joffray, St. Louis, Aviation Rigger, First Class.
Walter Johnson (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Ralph Jones (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Julius Eugene Malak (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d) [USS Macon survivor] Franklyn E. Masters  (Airship Pilot)

Celestino P. Mazzucco  (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
John F. Mccarthy  (Aviation Chief Rigger)
James A. Moore, Jr. (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Bartholomew H. O’Sullivan (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)

Frank L. Peckham   (Aviation Chief Rigger)
August C. Quernheim   (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st) [Died aboard USS Akron] William A. Russell   (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate) [Died aboard USS Akron] George C. Schnitzer  (CRM | Chief Radioman)
Joseph Shevlowitz   (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st) [Died aboard USS Akron] Charles Solar (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st) [USS Macon survivor]

William H. Spratley  (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Frederick J. Tobin   (CBM, Airship Pilot)
Richardson Wilson  (Sea2c | Seaman Second Class)

USS Shenandoah, with (l to r) Zachary Lansdowne, William Moffett, Maurice Pierce, J. H. Dee, Chalmers Hall

USS Shenandoah, with (l to r) Zachary Lansdowne, William Moffett, Maurice Pierce, J. H. Deem, Chalmers Hall

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William Hall
William Hall

My great uncle was Col. Chalmers G. Hall who survived the crash and is shown in the picture of the 5 men standing in front of the Shenandoah. Thanks for the information.

George Rushgrove
George Rushgrove

Came across a curious letter with a sketch of the zr-1 airship and support boat. It was an original letter fixed to a old wooden board and hung on the wall of a hotel in Columbia, Latin America. I can make out the name H.C.Preston and the sketch of the… Read more »

Belinda Fitzgerald
Belinda Fitzgerald

My Grandfather was supposed to be on the crew but was hurt the day before the flight – he left me a number of pictures of the blimp and its crew


My uncle Frank Peckham was a crew member who survived the crash also. And later had to give an account of what happen which did not sit well with the public as to what caused it to happen. He was a great man soft spoken but he could only tell… Read more »

Kelly Del Valle

My great grandfather, Walter L. Richardson, was a surviving member of this crash, and also a Naval aerial photographer (the first!). Are the photos on this page his work? As a photographer myself (the land bound kind), I am curious!

Lester coleman III
Lester coleman III

My granfather survuved this crash, went on to serve in WWII, with his son, my father..

Eric Daily
Eric Daily

You are very blessed indeed. You exist today because God spared your grandfather.

david helms
david helms

an amazing story about father and son , ww11. my sincere thanks to both of them these patriots. if you could share anything about you dad and grandfather, i would be most appreciative. hope to hear from you.

email: [email protected]

Barclay Livker
Barclay Livker

Perhaps as a glimpse into the future, the USS Los Angeles once flew over Ebbets Field while a Dodgers game was in progress

david helms
david helms

so did the hindenburg on the day it crashed. i know the relatives very well of the player that was pitching for the dodgers that day: van lingle mungo of pageland, sc , 30 miles from where i live.

david helms
david helms

so did the hindenburg on the day it crashed. i know the relatives very well of the player that was pitching for the dodgers that day: van lingle mungo of pageland, sc , 30 miles from where i live. he was in the major leagues for 14 years.


There’s a great picture of the survivors at

Alan Sarvis
Alan Sarvis

I have a great picture of Fredirick Tobin later in his career with a small picture of the Hindenburg and hand written note, signed. 1974. All are in one frame, from a museum in Fort Worth TX

david helms
david helms

would you be willing to share a copy of that photo? would love to have a copy. thanks for a reply. david

david helms
david helms

can you share a picture of officer tobin. i would be grateful. i know he help save many lives in the hindenburg disaster. i will give you my cell: 704-254-0859 call me anytime. hope to hear from you.


My grandfather, Clarence Barrier was stationed on the Shenandoah. He had duty the night of the crash, but exchanged duty with another crew member, before takeoff. Would anyone know who that crew member was?

david helms
david helms

hi mike . can you share anything with me regarding your grandfather & the shenandoah? i would greatly appreciate it. hope to hear from you soon. david