USS Los Angeles Officers and Crew

Officers of USS Los Angeles circa 1928:

U.S.S. Los Angeles Officers

Standing (l to r): Chief Boatswain William A. Buckley; Lt. Jack C. Richardson, Navigator; Lt. James B. Carter, Watch Officer; Lt. J. Murray Thornton, Aerology and Watch Officer; Lt. J. Bruce Anderson, Aerology Officer; Ens. Emmett C. Thurman, Asst. Engineering Officer.
Seated (l to r): Lt. T. G. W. Settle, Engineering Officer; LCDR. Herbert V. Wiley, Executive Officer; LCDR Charles E. Rosendahl, Commanding Officer; Lt. Roland G. Mayer, First Lieutenant; Lt. Charles E. Bauch.


Officers and crew of USS Los Angeles at the end of its career, 1931-1932:


Lt. George C. Calnan, who won the Bronze Medal in Fencing in the 1932 Olympic Games. Killed in the crash of USS Akron.

Lt. George C. Calnan, who won the Bronze Medal in Fencing in the 1932 Olympic Games. Killed in the crash of USS Akron.

Cdr. Alger H. Dresel, Commanding
Lt. Fred T. Berry
Lt. Raymond F. Tyler
Lt. George C. Calnan
Lt. C. J. Maguire
Lt. George F. Watson
Lt. (jg) Maurice M. “Mike” Bradley
Lt. (jg) Alexander Maclntyre
Lt. (jg) Ben May
2d Lt. (jg) T. M. Whelan
Lt. (jg) Clinton S. Rounds
Chief Machinist A. B. Clapp
Chief Machinist B. C. Hesser


Lt. Cdr. B. F. Jenkins
Lt. Cdr. J. L. Kenworthy, Jr.
Lt. Cdr. E. F. Cochrane
Lt. Cdr. V. A. Clarke, Jr.
Lt. Cdr. F. L. Worden
Lt. Cdr. D. E. Cummins
Lt. Cdr. J. L. Fisher
Lt. Cdr. H. E. MacLellen
Lt. Cdr. W. K. Phillips
Lt. V. Bailey Lt. G. H. Mills
Lt. D. M. Mackey
Lt. R. F. Cross
Lt. H. N. Coulter
Lt. (jg) H. M. Wescoat
Lt. (jg) E. K. Swearingen
Lt. (jg) E. J. Sullivan
Lt. (jg) VV. A. Cockell
Ens. H. M. Zock
Ens. G. H. Kendall


Adams, Charles E. (Cox | Coxswain)
Baldwin, Harry M. (Y.1c | Yeoman 1st)
Barnes, William M. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Bartens, Charles F. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Bernard, Martin J. (Sea2c | Seaman Second Class)
Beyer, William R. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Brook, William (BM1c | Boatswain’s Mate 1st)
Buffaloe, Vernon R. (Cox | Coxswain)
Carroll, Ansel F. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Cavadini, Cesare P. (CRM | Chief Radioman)
Chenoweth, William (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Coleman, Lester K. (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Conover, Wilmer M. (AM2c | Aviation Metalsmith 2d)
Cooper, Fred (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Danley, Charles W. (QM1c | Quartermaster 1st)
Echipare, Balbino (Matt1c | Mess Attend. 1st)
Edwards, Newton E. (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Erwin, Moody E. (AM3c | Aviation Metalsmith 3d)
Estridge, Clarence D. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Fickel, Wesley S. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Gavigan, Eugene M. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Goode, Peter A. (SF1c | Shipfitter 1st)
Haskell, Kenneth E. (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Hingsberger, Andrew J. (AM1c | Aviation Metalsmith 2d)
Humphrey, Frank L. (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Hill, Malvin M. (Cox | Coxswain)
Jandick, Paul A. (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Jennings, James C. (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Johnson, Rufus B. (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Kerson, Ivan J. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Lane, Carl W. (Cox | Coxswain)
Lanozo, Moises (Matt2c | Mess Attend. 2nd)
Leahy, Philip M. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Leonard, John F. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Leonard, John J. (CBM | Chief Boatswain’s Mate)
Leverone, Arthur A. CY
Liles, Leon D. C (Aerog | Aerographer)
Long, Glenn L. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
McCracken, John C. Jr. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Magnuson, Fridolf R. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Manley, Harley E. (CRM | Chief Radioman)
Meredith, Lee (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Miller, Martin 0. (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Moser, George W. (CBM | Chief Boatswain’s Mate)
Muelken, Walter W. (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Oliver, Arthur M. (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Olsen, Carol G. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Peak, Richard S. (SC1c | Ships Cook 1st)
Peckham, Frank L. (CBM | Chief Boatswain’s Mate)
Rowe, Herbert R. (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Rutan, Lucius W. (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Ryan, James (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Safford, David R. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Santiago, Pacifico (Matt2c | Mess Attend. 2nd)
Selden, Gerald (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Sprague, Xensel A. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Stevens, Orville L. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Styles, Wade (Cox | Coxswain)
Taylor, Milan R. (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Terry, Arthur C. (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Tobin, Frederick J. (CBM | Chief Boatswain’s Mate)
Walton, Arthur H. (SK1c | Storekeeper 1st)
Ward, Reginald H. (CBM | Chief Boatswain’s Mate)
Westphal, William C. (AMM2c | Avn. Mach. Mate 2d)
Webber, Robert C. (Sea2c | Seaman Second Class)
Woicinski, Ed (AMM1c | Avn. Mach. Mate 1st)
Wolf, Carl Jr. (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Woodard, Harvey J. (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
Youngblood, Joe W. (BM1c | Boatswain’s Mate 1st)

[Source: USS Los Angeles, William F. Althoff, Appendix 4]

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Kram Niawt

Can anyone find out if Richard Calvert is listed anywhere as an officer on board the Los Angeles? he was my grandma’s brother and this would have been around 1929 or so

david helms
david helms

i visited the graves this weekend of moody erwin, herbert rowe, julius malak, allen hangman, the only person killed on the ground in the hindenburg disaster, may 6, 1937. also visited the grave of leonard schellburg, and the all veterans war memorial in toms river where there is a plaque… Read more »

WilliamT. Erwin
WilliamT. Erwin

My uncle was Moody Erwin; I only met him when he visited Memphis, TN in the summer time from that northeast wasteland of New Jersey.

Lee Stone
Lee Stone

William, my dad, John Stone, flew on the Los Angeles at the same time your Uncle Moody Erwin did. If I am correct, I think your uncle was one of the three surviviors of the crash of the Akron. I would like to hear from you. my home number is… Read more »

david helms
david helms

would love to hear from you. i visited his grave in lakewood nj- may 2017. seems that he had a long career in airships. call me anytime. thanks david 704-254-0859

Anthony Bashford
Anthony Bashford

Did the USS Los Angeles ever fly to or from Miami to LA. My other question regarding flight is: how did people get from Glendale/LAX in 1932 to Miami. Was this flight available even to the rich? Thank you.

John G Wing
John G Wing

My uncle Floyd Wing, Was an enlisted crew member aboard either the Shenandoah or Akron but was on leave when the airship was lost.
John Wing
Houston, Texas