Book about British Airship R.34

Flight of the Titan: The Story of the R34 is a (somewhat) recent book about the historic 1919 transatlantic crossing of the British airship R.34.

Although it was published a few years ago I have not yet read the book — my copy is now on the way — but knowledgeable friends speak highly of it. The only criticism I have heard relates to the publisher’s decision to use a photo of LZ-127 on the cover. 🙂

Please feel free to post your own thoughts and reviews of the book in the comments.Flight of the Titan

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David Bramer
David Bramer

It is actually quite weird how the LZ-127 is on the cover. One would wonder how the happened. I’m not really knowledgeable in the work of Publishers, but I believe they choose the title and front cover themselves? If that’s true, I guess there wasn’t enough communication between the Publisher and Writer :L

Michael L. Hopp
Michael L. Hopp

Another book to add to the list! Thanks for the share!


Patrick Abbott’s 1973 book “Airship: The story of the R34 and the first east-west crossing of the Atlantic by air” is a good history and it does have a picture of the R34 on the cover!

Alistair Kerr
Alistair Kerr

I bought this when it first came out – and for the life of me, I cannot understand why the publishers didn’t use an actual picture of the R34 on the cover.
For me this spoilt the book, as I felt that if they weren’t sufficiently knowledgeable about being accurate on the cover, it didn’t bode well for the rest of the book.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a readable, accurate and interesting account of the history of the R34 – I did contact them about the cover as I felt (and still feel) that it misrepresents the books completely!