90th Anniversary of R34 Arrival in America

by Dan Grossman on July 6, 2009

Today is the 90th anniversary of the arrival of the British airship R34 in America on July 6, 1919, after its historic transatlantic crossing.

R-34 arriving at Mineola, New York.  July 6, 1919.

R34 arriving at Mineola, New York. July 6, 1919.

At approximately 9:00 AM on July 6, 1919, R34 arrived at Mineola, New York after crossing the Atlantic from Scotland, and Major E.M. Pritchard parachuted from the airship to the ground to supervise landing operations.

R34 had departed East Fortune, Scotland on July 2, 1919, and completed the 3,130 nautical mile journey to America in 108 hours and 12 minutes.

Zachary Lansdowne arriving in Mineola, NY on R-34.  July 6, 1919.

Zachary Lansdowne after arrival of R34. July 6, 1919.

The ship was under the command of Major George Herbert Scott, who was later killed in the crash of the R101 in October, 1930.  Also aboard was American naval officer Zachary Lansdowne, who later served as captain of the United States Navy airship Shenandoah.

Just before midnight on July 10, 1919, R34 departed New York for its return to the United Kingdom, arriving in Pulham, England after a flight of 75 hours and 3 minutes. It was the first round-trip crossing of the Atlantic by air.



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