Today in 1921: Crash of Airship R-38 / ZR-2

On this day in 1921, the British-built airship R-38 — intended for U.S. Navy service as ZR-2 — broke up in the air near Hull and crashed into the waters of the Humber estuary where its hydrogen ignited, killing all but five of the 49 men aboard.

R-38 First Flight

R-38 Control Car


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mark rosindale
mark rosindale

Hello, I have a piece of this R38 that my grandmother collected as she lived in HULL at the time of the crash, she collected it from the crash site and I have some old photos to go with it.

Dagmara Lizlovs
Dagmara Lizlovs


According to Neville Shute Norway, the same team that build the R-38 was also the same team that worked on the R-101. How correct is that?

Peter Hoar
Peter Hoar

Certainly they were part of the team. Norway was horrified by their lack of any qualifications when they built the R-38.