Cool Graf Zeppelin T-shirt available

This very cool T-shirt celebrating Graf Zeppelin‘s 1929 Round-the-World flight is available on

I asked Kirk McGinnis, who created the shirt, to explain what inspired him. Kirk told me, “What I particularly wanted to convey was that Zeppelins actually had major successes for their time and weren’t all disasters like the Hindenburg. There’s no other airship that conveys that message better than the Graf Zeppelin and there’s no better feat to focus on than Hugo Eckener’s 1929 circumnavigation of the globe.”

Kirk told me his interest in zeppelins began when he watched the movie “Wayne’s World” as 12-year old and saw Garth wearing the classic Led Zeppelin shirt depicting the Hindenburg disaster!

“T-shirts are like miniature walking billboards,” Kirk said. “Any idea or message you can think of can easily be spread on a shirt. And it hit me that not only would it be cool to have a REAL Zeppelin shirt, rather than the Led Zeppelin shirts I’ve had to buy over the years instead, but that if the shirt shared some details about the history of airships it could lead to conversation and potentially educate people who knew nothing about them.”

Please support Kirk and his passion for teaching the world about zeppelins by buying one of his shirts.

And when people ask what it means, you can tell them all about LZ-127. 🙂




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Unfortunately, this t-shirt doesn’t ship to the UK!