Hindenburg Flight Schedule

A list of all flights of the airship Hindenburg, with dates, departures, and arrivals.


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For details on particular flights, visit:

Hindenburg's Maiden Voyage Passenger List

Hindenburg’s first flight to the United States was filled with journalists, prominent notables, frequent zeppelin travelers, and members of the Nazi elite. (For more information...

Hindenburg "Millionaires Flight"

The “Millionaires Flight” of the Hindenburg was a 10-1/2 hour cruise over New England on October 9, 1936, for 72 wealthy and influential passengers.  The guests were invited...

A Flight on the Hindenburg: One Passenger's Account

Clarence and Dorothy Hall were passengers on Hindenburg’s flight from Frankfurt to Lakehurst on August 5-8, 1936.  Clarence Hall described the flight in his diary,...
Max Schmeling and the Hindenburg

Max Schmeling on the Hindenburg

German boxer Max Schmeling returned to Germany in triumph on the June 23, 1936 voyage of the Hindenburg, after his victory over American boxer Joe...

1936 Flight Schedule

    1. March 4: Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen (3hr6min) [Test flight]
    2. March 5: Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen (8hr) [Test flight]
    3. March 6: Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen (3hr14min) [Test flight]
    4. March 17-March 18: Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen (22hr45min) [Test flight]
    5. March 18-March 18: Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen (7hr49min)
    6. March 23-March 23: Friedrichshafen-Löwental (6hr23min) [Test flight, Mail flight]
    7. March 26-March 26: Löwental-Löwental (3ht16min)
    8. March 26-March 29: Löwental-Löwental (74hr4min) [Propaganda flight, dropping pro-Hitler election leaflets]
    9. March 31-April 4: Löwental-Rio de Janeiro (100hr40min) [First South America flight]
    10. April 6-April 10: Rio de Janeiro-Löwental (103hr52min)
    11. May 4-May 4: Löwental-Friedrichshafen (7hr32min)
    12. May 6-May 9: Friedrichshafen-Lakehurst (61hr40min) [First flight to North America]
    13. May 12-May 14: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (49hr13min)
    14. May 17-May 20: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (78hr57min)
    15. May 21- May 23: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (48hr8min)
    16. May 25-May 29: Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (85hr13min)
    17. May 30-June 3: Rio de Janeiro-Frankfurt 93hr17min)
    18. June 5-June 5:  Frankfurt-Löwental (8hr19min)
    19. June 16-June 16: Löwental-Löwental (9hr4min) [(Krupp/Essen flight]
    20. June 18-June 18: Löwental-Frankfurt (3hr17min)
    21. June 18-June 18: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (11hr)(Rhineland flight)
    22. June 19-June 22: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (61hr30min)
    23. June 24-June 26: Lakehurst-Frankfurt ( 61hr5min) [Max Schmeling return]
    24. June 30-July 2: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (52hr49min)
    25. July 4-July 6: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (45hr39min)
    26. July 8-July 8: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (1hr26min)
    27. July 8-July 8: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (1hr)
    28. July 10-July 13: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (63hr27min)
    29. July 15-July 17: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (60hr58min)
    30. July 20-July 24: Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (85hr38min)
    31. July 25-July 29: Rio de Janeiro-Frankfurt (96hr35min)
    32. August 1-August 1: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (14hr) [Olympic Games flight]
    33. August 5-August 8: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (75hr56min) [Passenger description]
    34. August 10-August 11: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (43hr2min)
    35. August 17-August 19: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (90hr10 min)
    36. August 20-August 22: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (43hr49min)
    37. August 27-August 30: Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (88hr34min)
    38. September 4-September 8: Rio de Janeiro-Friedrichshafen (109hr55min)
    39. September 14-September 14: Friedrichshafen-Friedrichshafen (10hr53min) [Flight over 1936 Nazi Party Nuremberg Rally]
    40. September 16-September 16:  Friedrichshafen-Frankfurt (3hr6min)
    41. September 17-September 20: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (62hr54min)
    42. September 22-September 24: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (55hr36min)
    43. September 26-September 29: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (63hr14min)
    44. October 1-October 3: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (58hr2min)
    45. October 5-October 7: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (55hr35min)
    46. October 9-October 9:  Lakehurst-Lakehurst (10hr25min) [“Millionaires Flight“]
    47. October 10-October 12: Lakehurst-Frankfurt (52hr17min)
    48. October 21-October 25: Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (111hr41min)
    49. October29-October 30: Rio de Janeiro-Recife (21hr48min)
    50. October 30-November 2: Recife-Frankfurt (85hr20min)
    51. November 5-November 9: Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (97hr50min)
    52. November 12-November 16: Rio de Janeiro-Frankfurt (105hr57min)
    53. November 25-November 29: Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (94hr59min)
    54. November 30-December 1: Rio de Janeiro-Rio de Janeiro (26hr37min)
    55. December 3-December 4: Rio de Janeiro-Recife (22hr57min)
    56. December 4-December 7: Recife-Frankfurt (83hr34min)


Hindenburg's Flights to North America

Hindenburg’s Flights to North America (click to enlarge)


1937 Flight Schedule

57.  March 11-March 11: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (6hr17min)
58.  March 11- March 11: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (1hr14min)
59.  March 16-March 20:  Frankfurt-Rio de Janeiro (88hr48min)
60.  March 23-March 26: Rio de Janeiro-Frankfurt (97hr8min)
61.  April 27-April 27: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (6hr59min) [Udet flight/Rhineland] 62.  April 27-April 27: Frankfurt-Frankfurt (2hr23min) [Udet hook-on trial flight] 63.  May 3-May 6: Frankfurt-Lakehurst (77hr8min) [Hindenburg crash at Lakehurst]

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Mark Colaianni
Mark Colaianni

My father told us that when he was a
boy about 10 or 11 he saw the Hindenburg overhead as he stood on the corner of Windsor and Lilac streets in Pittsburgh Pa….could this have been possible? Did the Hindenburg ever fly over Pittsburgh?
Dr. M.V.Colaianni, DMD, CAPT (ret) USN

Eileen Devers
Eileen Devers

My late father was a little boy in the 1930’s, he lived in Lea Green which was then part of West Lancashire, England. He told us he saw the Hindenburg passing over, would this have been true? I ask the question as recently someone told me it couldn’t have been… Read more »

Esson McDowell

I really want to know what would have happened if the Hindenburg never caught on fire at Lakehurst and if wwii never intervened with the zeppelin operation and also never scrapped the airships.

Brian R Peterson
Brian R Peterson

Had LZ-129 Hindenburg not been destroyed, her little known sister ship, LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin II, would have come into transatlantic service in October of 1937, while the third, much larger Hindenburg Class Airship, the unnamed LZ-131, was under construction and likely would have entered service by 1939. The planned forth… Read more »

Roger West

I’m a collector of 4 shilling items and I have a cover bearing 4 x GB 1s cancelled 2 May 37 addressed to Uruguay with the Europa – South America cachet in red. Am I correct in thinking this was carried on the last flight of the Hindenburg?

Alfred .Barrett
Alfred .Barrett

The Jacksonville round the world cover is number 47 route,franked 12th October 1936 in Frankfurt.I have it. How it then went to Hong Kong,the next franking on the reverse side with George 5th tamps on both sides-1 on the back,2 up to 3 dollars on the front-not sure the route,maybe… Read more »

Anne holford
Anne holford

Does anyone know if the Hindenburg would have had any reason to be more inland, possibly delaware county , pennsylvania in its previous flights?

Dr. Victor F. Van Neste, Jr.
Dr. Victor F. Van Neste, Jr.

I was only two years old in 1937 when I saw the Hindenburg pass over my grandparent’s house at 28 Algonquin Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts, on its way to Lakehurst, New Jersey. Of course I did not know then what it was, just that it was very large and very low.

Dave Norton
Dave Norton

Did all the flights of the Hindenburg in 1936 use helium? Was the first 1937 flight the only one to use hydrogen? Dave from Seekonk, Massachusetts. My father traveled to Lakehurst on May 7, 1937 and took photos of the Hindenburg. When the landing was delayed he left 1 hour… Read more »

Gina Folsom
Gina Folsom

I am wondering whether the Hindenburg
ever flew over the Midwest.


My grandmother told me that as a little girl she and her family and many others watched the Hindenburg fly over Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. Amazing to validate this story with these flight path maps!!