USS Macon Crash – Officers and Crew

A list of the officers, crew, and guests aboard USS Macon when the ship crashed at sea north of San Francisco on February 12, 1935.  Of the 76 men aboard Macon, two died in the crash; their names appear in red.

Macon’s commanding officer, Herbert V.Wiley, was one of the three survivors of the USS Akron crash on April 3-4, 1933.


Lt. Cdr. Herbert V.Wiley (right) assuming command of USS Macon from Cdr. Alger H. Dresel

Lt. Cdr. Herbert V.Wiley (right) assuming command of USS Macon from Cdr. Alger H. Dresel

Lt. Cdr. Herbert V. Wiley, Commanding
Lt. Cdr. Jesse L. Kenworthy
Lt. Cdr. Edwin F. Cochrane
Lt. Cdr. George H. Mills
Lt. Cdr. Donald M. Mackey
Lt. Cdr. Scott E. Peck
Lt. Calvin M. Bolster
Lt. Howard N. Coulter
Lt. Anthony L. Danis
Lt. Harold B. Miller
Lt. (jg) John D. Reppy
Lt. (jg) Frederick N. Kivette
Lt. (jg) George W. Campbell
Lt. (jg) Earle K. Van Swearingen
Lt. (jg) Leroy C. Simpler
Lt. (jg) Gerald D. Huff
Chief Boatswain William A. Buckley,
Chief Machinist Emmett C. Thurman


Cdr. Alfred T. Clay, Commanding Officer, NAS Moffett Field
Lt. Clinton S. Rounds


USS Macon cook William F. Bucher

USS Macon cook William F. Bucher

Charles Ellis Adams (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Herlie H. Ashcraft  (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
William Alfred Baker (Aviation Machinist Mate)
William J. Bighouse (RM2c | Radioman 2d)
Dave Wesley Bounds (F2c | Fireman 2d)
Theodore C. Brandes (QM1c | Quartermaster 1st)
William F Bucher (SC1c | Ships Cook 1st)
Maximo Cariaso (Matt1c | Mess Attend. 1st)
Ansel Franklin Carroll (Aviation Machinist Mate)
William Henry Clarke (Cox | Coxswain)
Wilmer M. Conover   (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Joseph Robert Connolly (Cox | Coxswain)
Theodore Class (SC2c | Ships Cook 2nd)
Fred Mathew Culbert (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Ernest Edwin Dailey     (RM1c | Radioman 1st)
Cecil Myron Deforest Avn Mach. Mate
Francis S. Domian (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Gifford Lavern Dunn     (F1c | Fireman 1st)
Florentino Edquiba (Matt1c | Mess Attend. 1st)
Max Felt (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Matthew G Fraas (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Albert Francis (CAerog | Chief Aerographer)
Andrew B. Galatian (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
James Nicholas Garner (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Arthur Glowacki (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
James C. Gilmore  (Electrician’s Mate)
William F Germain (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Leo Edward Gentile (Cox | Coxswain)
John Beaty Hall (Sea2c | Seaman Second Class)
Worther M. Hammond (Cox | Coxswain)
William H. Herndon, Jr. (SC1c | Ships Cook 1st)
Bruce H. Herrington  (RM1c | Radioman 1st)
Sydney Hooper (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Paschal M. Jackson (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
James C. Jennings (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Earle W Kirkpatrick (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Emil Klaassen (Aviation Machinist Mate)
William S. Kosar (RM1c | Radioman 1st)
Leonard E. Lehtonen (Aviation Machinist Mate)
John Francis Leonard (Aviation Machinist Mate)
William A. MacDonald (Cox | Coxswain)
Julius Eugene Malak (Aviation Machinist Mate) [USS Shenandoah survivor] Kenneth H. McArdle (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Charles W Miller (BM2c | Boatswain’s Mate 2d)
Martin Oscar Miller (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Edward Ross Morris     (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Vernon Thomas Moss  (Pharmacist’s Mate)
Arthur M. Oliver (Cox | Coxswain)
Clyde Charles Padgett (F2c | Fireman 2d)
Benjamin George Perks (QM1c | Quartermaster 1st)
Harry R. K. Probst (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate)
Paul Fitz Randolph (CRM | Chief Radioman)
Herbert Reginald Rowe (Sea1c | Seaman First Class)
David Reese Safford (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Leonard E. Schellberg (BM1c | Boatswain’s Mate 1st)
Emery E. Sherman (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Tom Morrell Sleek (F2c | Fireman 2d)
Charles Salem Solar (ACMM | Avn. Chf. Mach. Mate) [USS Shenandoah survivor] Joseph Edward Steele  (AMM3c | Avn. Mach. Mate 3d)
Hobart B. Sullivan (RM2c | Radioman 2d)
Warren A. Thompson (Sea2c | Seaman Second Class)
James Farley Todd (Aviation Machinist Mate)
Maurice Irving Walters (RM2c | Radioman 2nd)

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  1. Eric M. Smith | May 7, 2018 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    ACCM Harry R.K Probst was my uncle. I wasn’t sure if he was on the airship at the time it crashed. Thanks to you website I now have more information for my Genealogy addiction.

  2. Eric M. Smith | May 7, 2018 at 5:23 pm | Reply

    ACCM Harry R. K. Probst was my uncle. I knew he had been assigned to the USS Macon at some time and I knew he died in 1945. I wasn’t sure if he was on the airship at the time of the crash. Thanks to your website I now have more information for my genealogy addiction.

  3. Lt. Cmdr. Scott E. Peck was my grandfather. He survived this crash and latter was docking the Hindenburg when it blew up. He told us many stories about his navy days. He retired as an Admiral. His son my father retired as Lt. Cmdr. Scott E. Peck.

  4. My Cmdt. Scott E. Peck was my grandfather. He survived and continued his career in Airships.

  5. You stumble across interesting thins in the internet when surfing. I had met Cmdr Jesse L Kenworthy as a child. He was a friend of my fathers and his brother Hugh was my fathers best man at his wedding, I remember him well as he would come to visit us at our summer home in New Jersey when the CMDR WAS STATIONED AT Lakehurst, NJ. HE EVEN AD MY FATHER OVER TO THE BASE FOR SUPER TO MEET Cmdr Rosendahl. Cmdr Kenworthy was a very powerful swimmer and that was what saved his life in the Macon disaster. My father told me the story. All very interesting. Ny father and sister visited the Hindenburg crash site the day after the disaster.

    A K Shearer III
    North Wales, Pa. 19454

    [email protected]

    • Hi! My Mom is the daughter of Hugh Kenworthy! Small world!

    • i enjoyed reading your stories. i am an avid airship researcher and do presentations on the hindenburg and other airships . would love to hear more from you and maybe we have things we can share. i have been to the crash site of the hindenburg 3 times and later this year i am making plans to go to the crash site of the uss shenandoah on september 3,1925. i used to correspond with a minister whose name escapes me, but he and his wife were close friends of the rosendahls. i am doing a presentation of the hindenburg this thursday for residents of an assisted living place in charlotte, n.c. my email is: [email protected] and you can even call me @ 704-254-0859. would love to talk to you.

  6. Shirley Bacon Jensen | January 31, 2017 at 10:32 pm | Reply

    I have been transcribing my father’s personal history. He was aboard the USS Colorado which was doing operations off of Point Sur at the time of the crash. He said that they were ready and waiting for the rescue call but another ship got it. Intersting that I just happen to be at that point in his story when I found this site.

  7. I have a framed photo in my office of the Macon and the crew with all their signatures. My father was one of the ground crew. Many of the names above match the signatures.

    • would you sale me a copy of that photo with signatures? i am an avid airship researcher. thanks for a reply.

      david: email: [email protected] cell: 704-254-0859

    • Robyn Brownley | March 3, 2018 at 4:16 pm | Reply

      My grandfather was on the USS Macon but his name is not listed. His name was Cecil “Mac” L. McCormick. Is there anyway you could share that picture with me so I can see if I see him?

    • hi monica. would love to purchase a copy of that photo. would certainly pay you for it. please respond. i am an avid airship researcher and do presentations on the Hindenburg. doing a presentation this thursday at an assisted living place in charlotte, n.c. hope i am fortunate enough to hear from you. thanks. my email is [email protected]. retired school teacher of 45 years. feel free to call me @ 704-254-0859. live near charlotte,n.c.

  8. I La Val Bruner Davis, took a picture of the Macon when it flew over our house
    about 1933-34. I was about 8 or 9 yrs. old.
    The picture is blk. and is small but I had written the name
    Macon on the back.I remember seeing it at that time flying over our
    House in San Diego, California. I am 90 years old now.
    I had taken the picture with my first camera. I lived on 5376-Adams ave.n

  9. Josh Beddingfield | March 13, 2014 at 1:51 pm | Reply

    Just a minor correction: the USS Macon crashed at sea approximately 100-120 miles south of San Francisco, between Monterey Bay and Point Sur, not north.

  10. Ahem, a minor correction. The Macon did not crash “north of San Francisco”. Your page describing its crash (“USS Macon Wreck Site…”) accurately states that she crashed 150 miles to the south of San Francisco, off Point Sur, California.

  11. Moey look what i accidentally found. Write me back…Sharon

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