Hindenburg Size Comparisons

It is hard to imagine just how big the Hindenburg was.

Hindenburg and United States Capitol

Size comparison: Hindenburg versus United States Capitol


Hindenburg and R.M.S. Queen Mary:

Queen Mary and Hindenburg


Hindenburg and Boeing 747-400:

Size comparison: Hindenburg versus Boeing 747-400

Hindenburg and Goodyear Blimp (GZ-20A):

Size comparison: Hindenburg versus Goodyear Blimp

But then again, Hindenburg needed room for interiors like this:

Hindenburg's Dining Room

Hindenburg’s Dining Room


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Materials Science can now provide us with constrction materials that are lighter and stronger than anything that was available when Hindenburg was created. It must have been a woderful moment when, during inflation and ballasting, she began to oh-so-gently leave the ground inch by gradual inch. Then the moment when the engines were started and she began to mmove forward, swimming through the air. Airliners are wonderful, but airships are magnificent! Per adua ad astra with Helium!

C. Boeck

Real cool thing.
Was a giant airship, the Hindenburg.
Is there a size comparison with the Manned Cloud?

jC Fitzgerald

Nice work on the graphic size comparisons.
I would like to see one with the Z-NT.
Is Goodyear’s new Zepp any larger than the older NT’s ?