LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin

graf-zeppelin-land-fried005a1The most successful zeppelin ever built, LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin flew more than a million miles on 590 flights, carrying over 34,000 passengers without a single injury.

During its nine year career, Graf Zeppelin made the first commercial passenger flight across the Atlantic, the first commercial passenger flight around the world, flew a scientific mission over the North Pole, made the first regularly scheduled transatlantic passenger crossings by air, and aroused intense public enthusiasm around the globe.

LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin

Graf Zeppelin History

Certainly the most successful zeppelin ever built, LZ-127 was christened “Graf Zeppelin” by the daughter of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin on July 8, 1928, which...
Cross-section of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin

Graf Zeppelin Design and Technology

The design and construction of Graf Zeppelin were essentially conservative, based on tried-and-true technology developed over the Zeppelin Company’s decades of experience, and the ship...

Graf Zeppelin's Interior: The Gondola

The control room and passenger areas on the Graf Zeppelin were both located within the airship’s 98′ long gondola. As seen in the deckplan included...
Graf Zeppelin profile, showing rings, gas cells, and major elements.  (click all photos to enlarge)

Graf Zeppelin Statistics

LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin statistics: Length: 776 feet Diameter: 100 feet Gas capacity: 3,707,550 cubic feet (2,648,585 cu. hydrogen for lift, 1,059,435 cu. Blaugas for fuel)...
Grace Drummon-Hay and Karl von Wiegand in control car of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin

Passengers and Crew of Graf Zeppelin's Round the World Flight of 1929

A list of passengers and crew aboard the Round-the-World flight (Weltfahrt) of the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin from August 7, 1929 to September 4, 1929. Based...
LZ-127 Arctic flight

Graf Zeppelin's Arctic Flight, 1931

Graf Zeppelin’s 1931 Arctic Flight was both a scientific expedition and a dramatic display of the airship’s ability under extreme conditions. In July, 1931, the...
Deckplan of Graf Zeppelin's Gondola

Deckplan of Graf Zeppelin’s Gondola